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When I started this Art Pilgrimage, I didn't have any rationale I understood. It was just for the fun of it.

And that is why I am reading things like this enormous book on Art History. I can't give you a single good reason for it. I have no plans to be a curator, an art historian, an art history teacher.

When do we stop doing things just for the fun of it? When do we begin doing everything in life for "a reason"?

I don't know. But I'm done with that. I really am.

But here's the strange thing. There have been "outcomes" connected to my pilgrimage. Ones I didn't foresee. Ones that go past amorphous (and wonderful) happenings like personal satisfaction and spiritual awakening.

In a convoluted path that would take too much room to explain, the Pilgrimage led to a poetry book. Then someone wanted to buy one of the art pieces I posted here (I gave it away... why not? :) And, most recently, another piece was chosen for an art show in Germany. Um, what?

I am not saying all this to try to impress you (we have a different kind of relationship than that, I hope). I am saying all this to give you a nudge. Are there things you've been wanting to do "just because"? Do they seem frivolous, out-of-place, hard to justify or explain?

All the better. These are deep places. Why not... jump in.

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Note to the Shepherd

I never wanted to be
the bush, burning,
turning sorrow to ash,
flaming, naming
dark things with
embers and light.
It takes so much
to be rooted, give
my arms to ignite
a simple day, a blue-
black night.

I really liked Marcus's heretical poem. Then it got me thinking about what it means to actually be the burning bush. So of course I turned to poetry to work out my thoughts a little further. :)

Glynn's Sacred Sand
Karen's Not Me. I AM

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