On Easter, Martha Answered Mary

Martha Answered Mary

Then I would rise up
early in the morning.
I would leave
my broom, my broth,
my unmade bed,
and scatter
secret birdseed
beneath the olive tree
where I always dreamed
of being kissed. And I
would wait.

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The Day Before

Mary Asked Martha

What if,
after the egg
rolled off the table,
we could come back
and find
a white feather,
the stir
of first flight.

Asking Joseph of Arimathea

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A Monday Morning Psalm

Today the rain
and early rising
to a quiet house

and You,

today a cup of tea
in roses china
with purple flowers scattered

and You,

today the memory
of yesterday's songs
and dark-haired girls at the table

and You,

the rain, the tea,
the memory
sings of dark-haired girls

and You.

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