Recently, on my other blog, I asked people to pray for my friend Charity. Many people assented. One person said, "I can't pray." Completely understandable, as she is an atheist.

I appreciated the honesty of those words, "I can't pray." And what followed too... "May I blow wishful kisses instead? I'm sure God would know how to interpret them..."

These words have been with me ever since. I'm sure God would know how to interpret them. Interpret the wishes, the kisses, the feelings, the hopes, the aches, the sorrows.

This is a place for all that stuff. A place where God must come as interpreter. A place where I will struggle with what to say to the Lover of my soul. A place for prayer, and a place to say, "I can't pray". A place to consider the nature of prayer itself. It's just a little journal, really. But you're welcome to read over my shoulder. And sometimes to say, "Amen."

(Note, on November 26: It seems good to also make this a place for devotion, since so much of my prayer life flows from different aspects of devotion... like the discipline of solitude I engage in at my Secret Place, or the practice of scripture study, and even the commitment to Sabbath. So it is. Love Notes to Yahweh: a place for prayer & devotion.)



Blogger Andrea said...

Amen. :)
This is a great place, L.L. I think i will enjoy looking over your shoulder. *grin*

Blogger Rudy said...

Indeed. I have started my own devotional blog also back in October this year. It's a great way to journalize my daily devotional with God.

Blogger Claire said...

Hi there,

I am glad to have stumbled across your blog. I too keep the Sabbath.

I will be back to enjoy some more time here.

I hope to find God in a new and refreshing way.


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