Coming Back to the Page


Sometimes when we are too long away from the page we fear it. Or maybe we fear ourselves. That our absence has taken us too far. How will we find our way back?

It is a form of trust to return to the emptiness and put our color down once more. Trust, that we still exist, that time has not stolen the core of us.

The weeks have taken me away. Too many things pressing. No chance to touch pastel to paper. And this morning I felt afraid. What was to fear? I found myself once again, there in the colors, speaking spirit and shape out of my soul into yours, even into mine.

"Falling" in soft pastels. By L.L. Barkat.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

my eyes and heart find
this super fine.

one question, because i am a very curious sort.

what are the dimensions of the paper...aprox.

Blogger Monica Sharman said...

I think I fear what will end up on the page if I go back to it...
Is that fearing myself?

Anonymous Maureen said...

Pastels are difficult to work with; you do so well with them. I love the energy, the swirling and yet the distinctness you get in the individual lines. Reminds me of a Brice Marden.

Blogger Kelly Sauer said...

I understand, whether
writing or painting or
creating or
seeing, sometimes
I am afraid there is nothing left of me to
give place for

I love how you express yourself in your paintings...

Blogger Solveig said...

I've no experience or knowledge in the world of visual arts--but your work is lovely.

Blogger ELK said...

the colors are lovely...art is such a gift

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you for facing your fear!

it has always been my understanding that there is always something glorious on the other side of fear... unless it's of fire or danger... and this pastel is certainly that.... glorious!

about 4 or so years ago, I had an absolute morbid fear of writing. How much I've learned about fear! ...and writing. ... and thinking. ...and art. ...and, well you get the point!! : )

this site is a sanctuary for me. Brings me peace, every time!

Blogger Unknown said...

i find answers here. a piece of my heart that i thought i lost.


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