Deeper than Vision


Some say the artist is about vision. Seeing the world. Setting it down. And some say the artist is about telling. A story that needs to be heard.


But when I hold these soft pastels, it is pure feeling that overtakes... surges through my fingertips, my whole being.

Maybe what takes shape is really something I've seen. Or a story that's been circling within my soul. But at the level of experience... me, these raw colors, this paper, these movements, art is deeper than vision. It is elemental soul.

'Aria' in soft pastels, by L.L. Barkat.

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Blogger Erin said...

I like this piece, LL. The orange ground, the sweeping blue-purple leading me throughout, and especially the "pine cone" shapes.
Pine cones have a very pleasing shape.

Blogger Claire said...

i am here more often than i actually leave a trace. most days i read in silence and i exit in silence because the words do not exist. today is such a day. but these two words do come: thank you.

Blogger Joelle said...

Those two words: "elemental soul." Having much that speaks that today, not in hieroglyphics until I read your art here. No way to explain what comes over me sometimes except that, a power that is grounded deeply in the basics of who I am. Feeling, gut, instinct. Cave woman. (Love your glowing "Aria" btw. Very southwest in colors, in the sweeping lines and curves like wind over adobe swells and red mesas.)


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