I Am


Prayer doesn't need to be complicated. Especially the kind uttered during personal struggle. Gerald May says it good. "See? This is who I am," he whispers before God. And leaves it at that.

I say it too... "See, God, this is who I am..." It's an act of opening, even if slight.

This picture is all the me's put together, into one I Am. It is layered— five separate works merged and ghosted. Me and me, and me and me and me. It is the whole, how God sees my soul, for better or worse. I will show you each piece in days to come. The faces of me I bring to prayer...

See, this is who I am...

'I Am' in soft pastel, retouched in Quark Xpress. By L.L. Barkat.

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Anonymous Kelly said...

And God whispers back, "see, this is who I Am."

Anonymous Doug Young said...

You really are amazing!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"the faces of me I bring to prayer" yes... I am, you are, God is.... The poetry here is exceptional.

Blogger Glynn said...

Your writing and your art are a blessing, L.L. Like shade from a hot sun. In the middle of utter chaos at work, I can come here and get re-centered. Thank you.

Blogger Robin said...

each day
a new face
asking for grace
and mercy
from our God

Our God
who is gentle
and kind
side of me

and who
every feeble prayer

Blogger deb said...

thanks, words I needed today. It felt so complicated, sharing my praying post, because I don't have the structure or the learning , the Words. It is just a pause, a getting the centre. A life. As a family we don't really say outloud prayers that often , so I know I need to help them find some "skill" or pattern, or language in this area. They of course learn much being in a Catholic school system.
I prayed I wasn't misrepresenting myself, in that I feel always in conversation with my Creator, but am looking for ways to have discipline , or routines added now .
Your artwork is soothing. As are you.

Blogger Andrea said...

LOVE this series. love your honesty.
...and the words...."see, God, this is who I am..."


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