Thresholds Give


"Thresholds give, stars disorient," says the poem. It is a French poem, and I've had to do the work of translating to find the beauty. It is my way of trying to learn the language, and I feel so small in the face of my goal. A language feels endless, especially before you develop basic fluency.

So I must be patient, build layer upon layer, feel my way. It is the same with these pictures that visit me half-formed in the night. I have to take time to discover them once I sit down with paper and pastel. I feel afraid at every step, unsure of how to get where I'm going. Or how I will know when I've arrived.

The world feels upside down, constellations I knew flee the sky. I'm working in the abstract, something I've not done before. Drawing is no longer realism; it is simply color, form, movement. I turn the page and draw from different directions.

I don't know how I'll end. A feeling just comes at last, "It is finished." The threshold gives. And I lay my paper down.

Universe in pastels, by L.L. Barkat.


On a totally fun note, I just won a lovely t-shirt for posting to welcome InCourage. Out of over 200 entries! The stars are smiling and so am I.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, LL, this is beautiful... I have been thinking myself I need to write a celestial poem in honor of the meteor shower the other night...

this truly is beautiful. touched me spiritually.

Blogger Sarah said...

That's how I keep up my Spanish--translate poetry! And I love it.

I also love the deep truth here...there is definitely that deeply intuitive feeling that something is finished...it feels a lot like hearing the voice of God.

Blogger elk said...

thank you ~i feel that way about poetry ...your post is encouragement

Blogger Claire said...

there are some thresholds that have not yet given way in my heart and mind. but i can feel God at work. i am patient.

Blogger deb said...

I look forward to coming here, to feel what you're sharing, learning.
turning the pages


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