Early Thanksgiving

cherry walk

Trudging through fallen leaves, we rounded the corner and there they were. Cherries. Or something that looked like cherries.

The tree was hung with them. So full.

And all we could do was stand still, in the cool air, on a grey day, and stare.

The Thanksgiving Tree, in soft pastels, by L.L. Barkat

thanksgiving celebration

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Anonymous Doug Young said...

Loved that you incorporated "Trudging" into this love note! You rock!

Blogger Kelly Sauer said...

This is one of my favorites from you - beautiful...

Anonymous Maureen said...

Lovely, as all your words here are.

And as Doug says, "Trudging" is so unexpected a word it delights. And makes "and stare" the only possible response to the gift in your path.

Blogger S. Etole said...

Your Thanksgiving tree is decorated well with your words.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

'the tree was hung with them. so full'

yes. pictures the spirit!
I really love this site.


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