Bread (and Taxes?) and a Little Bach

You know I've been thinking about where to journey next.

Ever since I spent a year outdoors each day, I've embraced the idea of focusing on something for 12 months. Not in a rigid way. But in a manner that promises growth and surprises.

After the year outdoors, I embarked on an Art Pilgrimage. Along the way, I decided I might spend four whole years with the arts: Visual, Dance, Music, Theater.

When July came around this year, though, I wondered if I might skip Music. I don't know why. I just did.

Until today.

Listening to cultural icon Lady Gaga, I was struck by the complexity of her music. She seems like fluff, and her lyrics are over-the-top and sometimes naughty, but she is linked to the past through sound. I wanted to be able to tell my daughter what these links to the past were. I could sense them, but I couldn't place them— everything from Rock, to spirituals, to classical, to 80's pop seemed woven in and around Gaga's sounds.

That's when I made my decision. I will go with Music this year. As always, I don't know where this will take me. But I can hear, almost like a song, the possibilities.

Beyond sound, there'll be bread, for the girls and I. Last year we focused on Tea and learned so much about it, including how it influenced international economic policy in Britain. We all agreed that bread would be equally enchanting and historical, even biblical.

So the year is before us: Bread (and taxes?), a little Bach and the roots of music like Gaga's. I'm already tapping my feet (and the edge of my plate :).

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Blogger Maureen said...

Oh, you will have fun with bread, leavened and not. I can imagine a world tour of breads flat, twisted, herbed, plain, with cheese or jams, stuffed and rising. Think of all the words for "bread" you might collect.

And music. You can make music out of anything (literally), even words.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I pray that these words do not hurt you in any way but incourage you to look into what lady gaga is all about. I am floored that you would reference her and her music. She is a part of a very demontic cult using numerous symbols ect in her music and videos that are signs referencing Satan. Satan was known for his beauty and his pipes. (Pipes=Sound=Music) He uses music as a gateway. Lady Gaga sold her soul for fame and fortune. (Just search it for yourself.) There is so much more woven into her music than meets the eyes...

Blogger L.L. Barkat said...

Anonymous, thanks for commenting. No worries about hurting me, since this is just the beginning of the story. In other words, as you say, I don't know a lot about Lady Gaga; I've never had an interest in following her, since she is too "out there" for me.

I have already been thinking that my journey into music should be a fascinating study in how worship has changed over the ages (ah, but I am getting ahead of myself! :) Suffice it to say, it seems to me that Gaga (and many other modern stars) are just that: stars that draw people to themselves. In its way, this is not at all modern. It's been going on since the Golden Calf and before.

Anyway. If you are a long-termer here, you will see the journey. And I can assure you I won't be worshiping at the Lady's feet. :)

As for referencing a cultural icon, that is an old biblical practice with which I'm very comfortable.

(Now, I am curious. Someone must have referenced Gaga to you, so you could know so much about her, yes?)

Anyway. I had forgotten about all the feelings people have surrounding music (although I am just now remembering some of the arguments I witnessed as a child— between certain teens and their parents). I guess that the theology of music just became part of my journey too. :)

Blogger Kelly Sauer said...


This is going to be an interesting journey, LL. I look forward to walking it with you. Music is one place that always frees my heart. It is the poetry of sound.


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