When Simple Things Speak


It has always been this way for me. The simplest things speak. Last night, tidying up the living room, I saw this Off button my littlest daughter made, for one of her animation projects.

Standing by the coffee table, I stopped moving and stared. Struck, yes, that's how I felt. You'd think I had been visited by an angel.

But I was not afraid.

Just very still.

And the simple red Off button has been speaking to me ever since.

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Anonymous Monica Sharman said...

I had a similar experience years ago, when my son made a speedometer. He made one for his little brother, with the needle pointing at 58 mph. Then he said, "This one's yours!"
The needle on mine? At 190.

Blogger Maureen said...

Well, the image stayed with me long enough to produce this:

The Red Off Button

Go ahead. Just press it,

and don't let the color
fool you for one second.

It is not an invitation
to slow up, pull screeching

to a half. Look, it's not even
eight-sided. What noise

it makes is the silence
emptying into you

when you push in, hold
long enough and, like magic,

the room clears out.
Let your finger linger

as you touch. Count your heart
beats and then dance

to your own full-moon muse.

~ Maureen

Blogger Maureen said...

Typo alert: That word half should be halt. I clicked too quickly before correcting it.

Blogger L.L. Barkat said...

Interestingly, Maureen, I think half also works. You are saying not to stop half way but full stop, in order to get to that full moon. :)

I like it either way! :)


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