Into Your Hands

Just two months short of her 95th birthday, my gardening grandma died today. Only moments ago. Too far away. I wish I could be with my Dad, who sounds broken, even as he has hopes to see her again in heaven.

Lord, into Your hands I commit her spirit. And into Your hands I commit his spirit too.

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Blogger Joelle said...

My first grader's cat died a couple days ago. She was physically sick with grief. Today, when she returned to school, we shared her pain in reminiscing--stories of losing our own pets and the ways we were comforted. We read together Jesus' words: God blesses those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Bless you....

Blogger Real Live Preacher said...

Dear God, our Creator,

Thank you for the life of gardening grandma. For all of it. Her childhood, so long ago no living person can share it. Her youth, the middle years, and her last days. All of it.

Welcome her home to you in peace.


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