I came
to the riverside,
cool can of worms
undercover beside me
fleshy squirming warm
invitations to bite, but
the fish were eating
dragonflies, emerald
hovering, jeweled;
could not be fooled
by a hunger which
was mine alone,
gnawing inside.

Sometimes I write things with my eyes half open. That's how this went. And when I woke, really looked, I saw You in every line, my Fisher-of-Humankind, my Love. I thought of how You came to the Jordan amidst the crowds that day. I thought of "Take, eat, this is my body" and "the Word became flesh." I remembered the prophet Hosea, how his life was an expression of You, pining after us, hungry for us, ever hungry with an everlasting love. I closed my eyes with the thought of all this, in thanks for yet another surprise from words written without intent.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahh. to let myself be hungry...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I realized this afternoon, that January's Full Moon is The Hunger Moon... Jan 11th

Blogger little mary said...

Your writing is very pretty. I realize that's a bit of a filler word, and I don't usually use it, but for some reason it seems to fit. I suppose quietly beautiful would work, as well. Maybe it's because of the way your faith comes through very softly, or something about the alliteration and assonance. I'm going to stop trying to describe it now.
Thank you for commenting on some of my posts...I'm glad you did, and I'm really enjoying reading through some of your work.


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