Writing Towards Debt

Sometimes I wonder if my writing-life means anything significant, if it's okay that I want to do this, indeed that I DO it on a regular basis. It can feel selfish, this tucking away, this departure from daily tasks and other people to put words down, to set them like goblets, silver, china on a table that— at least temporarily— only I see, feel the wood and smell the fragrance of it.

Then (thank God... or thank you, God) I read something like this from John Leax's Grace is Where I Live...

...I find myself wondering how to pay that debt of gratitude I felt and feel for my life. I think I must begin where I am— sitting in my garden study— setting down these words.... I offer in thanksgiving and praise these nouns: painted lady, red admiral, tiger swallowtail, mourning cloak, cabbage white, monarch.

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Blogger Lore said...

Mmmm. Yes.

Blogger Joelle said...

Gratitude is one of the spiritual disciplines. And writing my thanks seems to be an authentic way to experience and offer appreciation. I love writing thank you notes to people and journaling my praise to God. Then the gift is lived twice--in the receiving and thanking.

Blogger cindy hanson said...

I can close my eyes and feel and smell the wood of your table, better yet, remember the smells of sawdust, as a child my Dad woodworking, building his own pine panelling, furniture, etc.

now what if you hadn't of written that ONE snetence? I wouldn't have had the thought to go and ask Dad to PLEASE build something for your little girl!!!

:) Cindy

Blogger Dr. Roger D. Butner said...

I found my self thinking of "Practicing the Presence of God" as I read this reflective post. Thanks for the reminder of the powerful simplicity of honoring God wherever I am doing whatever I am doing.

Blogger Sharon said...

Beautiful post.Loved it!Blessings~Sharon

Blogger Pam said...

i have the same struggle at times....thanks for your words and for sharing this quote.

Blogger elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Well, that certainly adds some flavor to the pondering of my grit and smooth tonight...



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