How to Pray

Reading, musing, struggling about prayer. Need to understand, articulate something (writing a book on spiritual practice demands it.)

Prayer. From the same Latin word that we get our English word precarious. Risky. Dangerous. Hazardous. Uncertain. How to write about such an unpredictable, uncontrollable, uneasy alliance/reaching/groaning/hoping towards You?

Sybil MacBeth suggests Praying in Color. Doodling before You. I like that. Drawing, doodling, too are risky, unpredictable. Where will the pen take me, what will it outline. Will I stand back and find Your face in my scratchings, or simply sense Your yes over my shoulder as You watch me move? Will you write me a love note on the corner of the page?

How to pray. Put Your color to my soul, energize my wrist and fingers, scribble through me...

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Blogger Joelle said...

"Put Your color to my soul...." Yes, please do. Singing the familiar Taize song, "Come and pray in us, Holy Spirit. Come and pray in us. Come and visit us, Holy Spirit. Spirit, come. Spirit, come." Pray in me, God, with Your holy, mysterious groaning.

Blogger cindy hanson said...

'scribble through me'
lovingly intimate, beautiful.

Blogger Robin Sloboda said...

My journal is full of colourful scribbles inspired by Sybil MacBeth's book. What a wonderful way for the creative soul to pray.

Blogger Billy Coffey said...

I had never heard the Latin meaning of "prayer."

Explains a lot.


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