Laura in the Moss

Laura Moss

Sometimes things come together. You don't know how, or why.

Like this. A week ago, I walked through woods, noting how the seeds on trees were hung, dry and in their various shapes... like grapes, or lady's fingers dangling.

Suddenly, at my feet, moss. Brilliant, soft. And upon the moss, a sprig of berries, red. Like accidental Christmas. Whimsy.

Tonight I sat to take it down in soft pastel. But the whimsy joined with a joy of knowing Laura. Psychologist, writer, new poet... a gift to me... as the berries to the moss, at the side of the trail, unexpected.

Laura in the Moss, in soft pastel, by L.L. Barkat.


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Blogger Bina @ Bina's Pad said...

Beautiful tribute :)

Anonymous Maureen said...

So lovely.

Anonymous Terri said...

WOW I love your work very beautiful...isn't it funny how we can see so much beauty if we just open our eyes and see what God has placed before us...thank you for sharing your talent with us!!

Anonymous Ted M. Gossard said...

Wonderful thoughts.

Blogger Laura said...

Oh, you.

I don't make it over here enough, mostly giving my time to Seedlings. Going to have to change that up I see. :)

I hope you know how you have enriched my life. You give me courage to try at that poetry thing...and that's saying a lot. You are a splash of red berries; surprise friend.

And I'm so glad.

Blogger deb said...

I love this because things like berries on moss get to me .
And because the way you capture such encounters never fails to make me at peace

And because you related it to Laura.

Blogger S. Etole said...

So much vibrant beauty caught here.


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