Lost Where I'm Supposed to Be

I do not have many words these days. It is inconvenient. I have multiple speaking engagements on the horizon. I feel a bit lost (it is, I guess, the quintessential experience of being "at a loss for words.")

Imagine the comfort then, when I found this tonight...

"And remember the journey of the children of Israel as the followed God out of Egypt and into the wilderness. Tracing their route throughout the forty years of wandering... would suggest that they were lost. But they were precisely where they were supposed to be..." (from Benner's Sacred Companions.)

Where am I? At a loss for words, I seem to be more in pictures these days. Maybe I am lost where I'm supposed to be...

"Lost Where I'm Supposed to Be" in soft pastel, by L.L. Barkat

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Blogger Kelly Langner Sauer said...

Oh, I know this place... It is where my photography comes from. Sometimes the seeing is more than the saying. Your painting is worth thousands of words.

Blogger katdish said...

The beauty of pursuing more than one expression of art is that when one seems out of your grasp, another one comes to your rescue.

The mark of the truly creative is the burning desire to create, regardless of the medium.

I love the pastel and the quote.

Blogger Claire said...

"supposed to be..."

there is comfort in this. an assuredness of Him in totality.

Blogger Glynn said...

I didn't have the foggiest idea of what I would be writing about on my blog in the new year -- and in that "lost" space of thinking and meditating, a whole new approach presented itself. Sometimes "lost" is good.

Blogger Lorrie said...

I like that ... lost where I'm suppose to be. It's good to be content wherever we find ourselves :-) Not sure I've ever arrived there but I aim for it..

Blogger Linda said...

I love this too L.L. I have so often found myself lost - even lost myself at times. Yet He always knows exactly where I am. He always has purpose.
The painting is amazing!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

HA! I actually felt release in being lost where I'm supposed to be.... excellent. very nice!

Blogger Monica Sharman said...

I smiled at this: "It is inconvenient."

Yup---dependence. Inconvenient, but the best place to be, yeah? *Way* better than self-sufficiency (which tends to be convenient).

I peeked at your speaking schedule. That's quite a load. Maybe you could plan in some down time in there. Um, somewhere...? Don't forget to eat. Veggies, too. :)

Anonymous Maureen said...

Carmel Boyle, an Irish singer, asks a number of questions in her song "My Soul's Desire" (on an album called "We Will Remember"). They're about spiritual transformation mostly, but maybe one of them will open out into a musing that will lead you to more words:

"What is your longing?
"What is your hope?
"What is your yearning?

"What is your song?
"What is your calling?
"What is your hurt?
"What is your healing?
"What is your joy?
"What is your wisdom?
"What is your truth?
"What is your freedom?
"What is your fire?"


Joyce Rupp includes the words in her Open the Door, which I recommended to Brad.

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Blogger Susan Deborah said...

Its amazing to find comfort in the words that we are where we are supposed to be. But then is that what it is? The Isrealites went round and round the same place for forty years wherein they were supposed to get there at the earliest. They did not believe that they would reach there. So sometimes we ought to believe and then we reach instead of being placid and saying: "supposed to be..."

Joy always,

Anonymous suzy said...

Feel like I needed to read this today. Thank you


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