3rd Date

Geneva College Library door

This past week... was like one long Artist's Date. Airports and snow at one end of the date... airports and sun-going-down at the other end.

New York, Pittsburgh. Beaver Falls.

A chapel with 1300(?) students, listening (and not :) to my thoughts on Ash Wednesday. An inn with a golden, long-haired dog named Roo (and me with too much black wool clothing to keep hair-free).

Doors, paths, walkways. Rooms, tables, dishes. Lamps, fireplaces, gatherings. Poems, lots of poems. And poets. More than you would think.

It will take time to trace and retrace, to understand. For now, I am simply, beautifully overwhelmed with the gifts. And excited by the unwrapping to come.

Geneva College Library Door photo, by L.L. Barkat.

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Blogger Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

You, the see-er, always seeing the poems, The Word.

I look foward to the unwrapping.

All's grace,

Blogger Steve E said...

How well we do not simply read the inside jacket of the book.

You know how to "do" gifts, it takes TWO; the Giver and one who takes. If I do not unwrap the gift, it becomes a package with no meaning whatsoever.

Thank you for pushing me into these thoughts. Good blog you have!

Blogger Susan Deborah said...

Doors always fascinate me and the one here is lovely. Wrapping and unwrapping -- both are equally splendid to me.

Joy always,

Blogger Steve E said...

Forgot to tell you, I put the button up--don't really know why, because my blog is primarily an AA Recovery message. Since "Love of Yahweh" is part of my own program for living.....well, the button is up!

Blogger deb said...

just so lovely. all of this.


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