Speaking of Love Notes

Valentine 1

It is windy outside today. The warm air has collided with the cold and they are in a furious dance.

I went and stood in the back yard for a while. The snow, soft beneath my feet. The sun so warm. I thought about my girls, and how they smile, and how well they give of themselves to me.

Eyes closed, like I was standing on the edge of time itself, I accepted the day as a love note from God.

Valentine 2

Valentines by Sara and Sonia.

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Blogger Abby said...

I could read Sonia's poem...how sweet and perfect!

My baby said I love you by taking steps and letting me get a video of them and big brother is cheering. It's on both of my blogs...it will make you smile:) if you have the chance to watch...

Just like this made me smile...

Blogger Kelly Sauer said...

I will leave a note just to tell you I am smiling at this. I love it.

Blogger Em and Lib said...

I love that you recognized His love notes back, I think He Glory's in you...the more I read the more convinced I become..


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