Harvest Song

Bind us together, in
ache and space of

Together, bind us,
in tumble of words,
beginnings ever afters.

In song, bind us, in cry
and swoon, cadence
of verse, together.

Us together, bind,
in life that turns on life
and back again.

Bind. Us. Together.
Golden sheaf, fat against
the fire of dying sun.

Together, us. Bind
and lace with holy
cord, chafing grace.

This prayer was inspired by a post I did over at High Calling Blogs, called Together Road.

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Blogger Erin said...

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Blogger Erin said...

(Reposted with my spelling corrections.)

This image of bundling, harvesting, longing, dying suns...

So many tugs on me- from the winsome to the painful.

Friends that I miss, kindred spirits I've never met in person... I long for the final harvest when we'll be together again. Such a joyful reunion that will be.

Unresolved endings in other areas of this life inspire a touch of fear for the harvesting and bundling. I'm just not ready for the finality of the harvest. I long for a little more time for the seeds to ripen. Please Lord, hold off on the scythes for a little longer?

(Totally not where you were going with this, but you caught me on a melancholy day. (Fancy that. I'm having a melancholy day. !!))

Blogger Joelle said...

This does indeed sing, L.L. Unfortunately I have the melody (of which I am not overly fond) for another "Bind Us Together" song in my head. I'd love to hear the music that set your soul to these words. Perhaps strummed by your fingers or bowed by your daughter....

Blogger LA Nickers said...

Lovely lines!


HEART OF A READY WRITER – Reading Through the Bible in 2009

Blogger Prairie Girl said...

Thank you for visiting.

These words are breathtaking. You really have a gift!

Grace and peace be yours :)


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