Saying Grace in Silence

Alone today, and yes... a little lonely. I go to the library for a book I want to use for my thoughts on 'Silence' for God in the Yard. But the library is closed. I drop books in the bookdrop and see a little bodega on the corner. Columbian food.

Standing alone, waiting for my seafood soup, I remember my loneliness. I am scraping the sticky floor with my hiking shoes now, thinking of nothing in particular, waiting, living the silence I had meant to write about today. Somewhere in the middle of my chest I sense the difficulty of silence, in a physical way that feels like waves.

Home, I open the door to a quiet house and ladle myself some seafood soup. I am now feeling meditative about my dinner. Looking down I say 'thank you' for what someone else's hands have made. 'Thank you for this beautiful, beautiful soup that I am about to eat in silence.'

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Blogger Unknown said...

Calvin and I were discussing just yesterday how keeping Sabbath, keeping silent, being still and all those godly actions are an art. And sadly we have created crutches that supposedly help us to do these very things but I have reached a point in my existence where I am questioning those things and I am wondering if it is not time to really start rekindling this art in its true form in my life.

Blogger cindy hanson said...

I am grateful you share your thoughts here. Have you ever caught my work "All I Want Is You"? I envision silence as the ultimate 'communion' between God and His people.

again... thank you for honesty in these pages.

Blogger Daniel said...

I enjoyed the way you described solitude. The words have weight to them and the way you emphasize being alone is pleasant.

It is unfortunate that time alone is not something people cherish much anymore. The TV and other forms of entertainment are constantly competing for our mind.

It is nice to stop from time to time and really allow our mind to connect with God in ways He wants us to connect.


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