I know.

When you go on pilgrimage, you're supposed to start walking. Somewhere. The truly faithful might even journey on their knees.

So what does it mean when you go on pilgrimage, but you have no particular destination? No map, per se? Just a sense of 'this is it' and a few stray bread crumbs thrown into the path by life, or God, pain or dream, hope or confusion?

Looking back over my journals, I was struck that there has been this quiet idea in me for a while. It's been so quiet I couldn't even hear it until now, when a few things disappeared from my life, and a few other things showed up unexpectedly. Anyway, I'm going on pilgrimage. What kind?

Just this...


Oh, I have almost no idea what it means right now. But this space will become my studio and journal, my walking stick and resting place. And you are invited to linger with me.

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Blogger Joan Ball said...

Uh, yippee!!!!

Blogger Joelle said...

Lingering with.... (You might value Cousineau's book, Art of Pilgrimage, as a companion on this journey. Still nibbling my way through it as I take some very physical, literal pilgrimages.)

Remember a phrase you said you'd borrow for your book, something about walking in woods if you feel lost? Just attended a friend's voice recital in which he sang a beautiful piece by Handel, lyrics are anonymous. In Italian and English:

Care selve, ombre beate,
vengo in traccia del mio cor!

Beloved forests, blissful shadows:
I come in search of my heart.

May you find and be found.

Blogger ELK said...


Blogger Unknown said...

No map in hand.
Just a prod in a general direction.
My ears are lonely, and my destination is unknown.

Please, let's walk and talk until our pilgrim paths diverge. I so enjoy your company.

Blogger Ted M. Gossard said...

Just to be guided by God rather than think we have it figured out ourselves, that indeed makes sense.

In some ways it can seem like each step especially at certain times, can be painful. But maybe at those times, or certain times, that is necessary for us.

Blogger Sarah said...

Just back on the computer from a bit of a break...excited to walk this way with you.

Blogger Unknown said...

can i be a silent observer please?


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