Running again. At night, again. Looking up at the stars, I see the "seven sisters". So mother used to call that smudge of a mini dipper that is just now fighting the city's ambient light.

And I get dizzy. Dizzy when I run this way... looking up. Breaks my stride. Makes me sway like a drunken man. In my delirium, I ponder... You.

How is it I can see you in less than a thousand points of light, here where the streetlamps are too insistent... and the sidewalks too broken...and someone has waited too long to push her leaves into the street, leaving the path moldering, dirt-strewn.

Nonetheless. I do. See. You. And I am dizzy. A drunken runner, swaying to a child's song. Twinkle, twinkle. I'm reeling under the stars.



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