Somewhere along the page, Gardner said it: "...seems that only those works that represent radical departures gain attention, but...nothing is so boring as endless unalloyed novelty." (p.124, Changing Minds)

And suddenly I was off, reveling in You. My long loved Love. My God who's been with me all these years. You are not new. Ours is not a young love.

I went out into the darkness, into the blustery wind, reclined beneath the flailing pine tree. I traced your invisible form with my fingers, the arch of your holiness. I warmed my heart by familiar fires of your Spirit. Familiar like the scents that meet me when I open the door to my little Tudor. Familiar like the stars, the same Big Dipper drenching me with awe, the way it has since childhood. I opened my mouth as if to drink you. My long loved Love. You are not new. Ours is not a young love.

Come again, after all these years, let me revel in You.

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