Out in my secret place this cool morning, the sun comes slant and soft, plays upon my skin and the myriad leaves that tremble. The yard is wild— tall grass, field grass thick with seed and the edges of the place flecked with purple spike flowers, pert buttercups. Forsythia bend, unruly, and dandelions puff with seeds waiting for the wind. Raspberries have overtaken the raised beds and blueberries in flower are pushing towards sweet seed.

On every side, there is birdsong and the rustle of leaves. The swing hangs empty, moved only by the breeze. And somehow I feel like a child again, ready to lie down on my belly, look at the world through grass arches, ready to open my soul to Your seed and your Spirit which waits, poised. A seed head on a slim, smooth stem.

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Blogger Joelle said...

Just read your earlier post about that "secret place," the Yes! to invitation, sledding in the backyard. Reminded me of Gerald May's wonderful book, Wisdom of Wilderness. All about consenting to the quiet lure of what will give us life. He says when we say "yes" it's like "a homecoming, something lost being found, a feeling that makes your insides shimmer with rightness. And if you don’t say yes to it, you yourself feel wrong, and a little less alive.”

Blogger Pam said...

hi, i recently came across your blogs as i was blog-hopping. i am especially enjoying this site of yours. your utterance is fresh and it touches my heart. i love the picture of the Spirit as a seed head waiting.

blessings, pam

Blogger SuzyQ said...

"dandelions puff with seeds waiting for the wind."
I love this!
Waiting for the breath of the wind to settles them where it may.
Beautiful imagery.


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