Medicine God

I come to Your hut this morning in loose clothes, that you might roll up my sleeves and pant legs, have a look. At a rash like prickly heat, swollen ankles toes fingers, tingling in my limbs and pain in joint and tissue. (The regular doctor says... hmmm... kidney, liver, lymes, bug bite, too many almonds?)

Run Your fingers over my skin, feel the heat. Look into my mouth. Prod, push. Take a clipping of my hair, if You must. I place myself in Your care. I know that You can rattle, shake, roll this thing that bit me or that I bit, roll it off my body and crumple it into a ball to put on the fire. Or maybe You will just add it like Egyptians added stones to grain, to grind something new into my spirit.

Whatever You choose. I come to Your hut this morning in loose clothes, wait for Your touch, Your breath, Your chant of love.



Blogger Joelle said...

"to grind something new into my spirit": grating words, unpleasant possibility. Yet the way you allow all possible problems/cures to rest in the Medicine God's care is beautiful quies--peace, acceptance, amen. "Whatever You choose."

I do hope you are feeling better and the mysterious ailment has vanished.

Blogger L.L. Barkat said...

Joelle, thank you. Tests came back fine. Some kind of allergic reaction. I think I shall try to find out it it was the almonds. To the allergist I go. :)

Blogger Nabeel said...

when i was growing up there was this powder called Prickly heat ... it was used during summer.


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