4th Date

Sara on White

This kind of day asks you to come along. How can you resist? It is the easiest date. You needn't plan a thing.

The boundaries between you-as-adult and you-as-child become a blur. You walk into white and laugh. How can it be? How can the world really look like this?

You climb the small hill. Trees creak, branches threaten to break under weight of snow. The child in you doesn't care.

So you take a chance and, like Alice, you fall through a hole, into another world...


Hemlocks Bow

Looking Up

Snow photos by L.L. Barkat. For PhotoPlay, at HighCallingBlogs.

Monica's Fire Dance
nAncY's boundaries and opportunities

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Blogger TUC said...

Gorgeous snow, and I love how her hair contrasts with it.

Blogger sarah said...

beautiful photos limned with beautiful words.

Blogger Claire said...

that first photo ll. there is poetry in that image.

as for the moment. you have created a dream in my mind.

i am off to bed to make it come alive now.

Blogger Steve E said...

The photos: FABULOUS! (That's my new word for "GREAT!")

And oh! To allow myself to live as Alice--where I DID live many years ago--once again. Oh I wish!

I used to lie in a field on my back and count hundreds of B-17 Bombers flying directly overhead, west of Cincinnati. They were practicing landings and take-offs. And I was in each one, fighting the war, dropping bombs on the enemy.

OMG! I have just been in the "Wonderland" of war, not peace...


Blogger Laura said...

I'm looking for that hole to fall down! this looks like a magical land...great place to forget you are a grown-up. I'm glad to see the dates are going well. :)

Blogger ELK said...

other worldly in its quiet brilliance . such branches

Blogger A Simple Country Girl said...

Missing winter here like crazy! This is my first without snow-laden branches, secret hushed trails, or frozen pony tails...

Winter Wonderland. Wonderful.


Blogger Phoenix-Karenee said...

I especially love your photo of the hole into another world because it is so very bright on the other side and I can't help but think that is appropriate and much better than the darkness and confusion into which Alice fell.

Blogger Monica Sharman said...

Ohh, that first one...

an exploration mindset in all that hair before the snow!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

as beautiful as the snow images are, I AM SO GLAD IT IS ALL GONE!!! I am so happy to see everyone out and about, the kids playing in their yards, parents talking and catching up on the winter's musings!!!


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