Whimsy at My Feet

Candles at 56 Irving Place

Did I tell you about my purple toe nails?

I painted them dark pearly purple.

When I kick off my slippers at night, I swing my feet at the edge of the bed. And I look at my whimsical purple nails.

Cameron says that when we go through The Artist's Way, we'll see changes in ourselves. We might clean out our closets (hey, I did that already! How did she know?) Still, she forgot to tell me about the nail polish. I am SO not a nail polish kind of girl. But this seemed right. A private indulgence. An odd beauty, like keeping irises in the closet and not caring that no one can see them.

Is this why God made iridescent sea creatures that creep around the ocean floor, making the dark beautiful to no one in particular? If God were a girl like me, sitting at the edge of the bed, would God choose a lick of purple polish too?

Candles at 56 Irving Place photo by L.L. Barkat.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

oooh purple

Anonymous Maureen said...

Living dangerously, eh?

Purple is a great color. It's also one of significance in the Episcopal Church.

And, yes. God would choose purple. He likes a colorful world. Licking it. . . maybe not.

Blogger Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

I truly love the way your mind works....


Anonymous Eric said...

The thought of God creating beauty for the sake of beauty...wonderful...

Blogger Melissa said...

God is very funny, period. Praying mantis, puffer fish, platypus, orangutans, frilled lizards... all kinds of crazy stuff (not that I'm saying purple is crazy...) funky toenails would be just the thing... am with Maureen on this one.

Enjoy your next date.

Blogger Kelly Langner Sauer said...

Silver pink. Like the inside of a seashell. That is the color I would paint my nails...

You make me smile.

Blogger Megan Willome said...

My toenails are painted "You Rock-apulco Red" for my mom.

Blogger Laura said...

I gave mine the first gloss of the season the other day. I love toenail polish. Not much for the finger variety. But, yes, what you say--private indulgence.

It's just fun.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I polish ONLY my toenails....
and Whimsy. did you know that's my favorite word???

Blogger Susan Deborah said...

"If God were a girl like me, sitting at the edge of the bed, would God choose a lick of purple polish too?"

I just adored the last line. Your thoughts seem so fresh and out-of-the-usual.

I feel all purply purply now :)

Joy always,

Anonymous Dena Dyer said...

Love it! I do think God must have created some things just for him--like I journal sometimes, even though I hope no one will read it. :)


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