Sermon Notes Poetry: Isaiah 46

I like writing poetry during sermons. I find it gets me writing in different rhythms, with different words, because I'm lifting and sifting someone else's speech. I have to be really open for what may come.

For some reason our church calendar scheduled a bible passage on idols, set for the first week of the Advent season. Maybe that makes more sense than it seems to on the surface. Maybe Advent is about being open for what may come. If we have idols in our "manger," they might need to move aside.

Isaiah 46

I told you
ahead of time—
admit it,
no silver, bronze, stone
could ever hold you
like my words.


It's a race,
political on its face;
could any contender
be found equal
when the polls open,
chads begin to fall.


Evacuate your idols
if you can flee
me, wood and stone
totter like Bobo dolls,
wobble in the


I have made you,
will carry you—
get your idols off the wagon,
hop in, I'll take you
for a tender spin.


Greed is about
digital cameras,
batteries without love
multiplied by gadgets
we carry around,
feed like idols
who eat lilies, lotus,
lentils, a bowl of beef.


Idols stress you out.
All that running after,
all that carrying,
all that appetite
for gifts, the little silver
bracelets, gardens,
a suitcase filled
for yet another trip.


Botanists searched for a rare species
somewhere in the Alps— a boy
was lowered down the canyon,
his father


Halfway across the ice,
dusk began to sing
a coal miner's tune,
and night didn't creak.

These poems are offered for One Shot Wednesday.

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Blogger Megan Willome said...

Love that last line!
I'm considering doing an Advent post on all the apocalyptic stuff that comes up in Episcopalian readings. That seems to be missing from the peace-joy-stillness stuff I've been reading online.

Blogger Maureen said...

I like all of these a lot but I think my favorite is the second to last.

Wonderful details in all of them.

Blogger Glynn said...

"Taking poem notes" during sermons? Who would think of such a thing?

I like them all.

Blogger hedgewitch said...

Interesting threads tying all these together, yet they stand well alone as vignettes. I'm quite outside the pale of religion, but not of poetry, so took them on their philosophical merits and found them both wise and well made. Even the "God-ands" was a quite intelligible(and forceful)image. Enjoyed the read.

Blogger Brock S. Henning said...

"Idols stress you out."

Oh my gosh, do they ever. I get so tired of all the things and "gadgets" you mentioned. So many things to break, fix, replace, change the batteries...ugh. You hit that truth on the nose. :o)

Blogger Kodjo Deynoo said...

We live in a gadget world these days, controlled by remotes of electronics, yet the have no feeeling.. Nicely done Oneshot

OpenID senderupwords said...

Fab one shot. Last line - Brilliant. Love and Light, Sender

Blogger Laura said...

I take poem notes during the sermon to help me pay attention! It does get me thinking too, as you say. These are wonderful, and make me curious about the sermon. :)See how it can even work in reverse?

Blogger jen revved said...

these are spare, witty, cleanly done! brava! j

Blogger Eric Alder said...

Hey, aren't you supposed to be paying attention during sermons? (LOL!)

Interesting way to construct a One Shot!

Blogger Mama Abby said...

Greed is about
digital cameras,

I like this image the best,

but most that you construct poems during sermons...especially love that amidst the poetic prophets...of course!

maybe will try except this Sunday will be the Christmas program and my son a three-year-old lamb:) another time...

Blogger One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers and Artists said...

i loved when you suggested (or Mark did) at the conference. It's a great way to keep the focus.

Idolatry is such a part of our celebrating and bogged down those waiting for a Messiah

and excellent write to reflect upon

thanks for sharing with One Shot

Moon Smiles

Blogger Bought as is said...

wonderful, L.L.
"batteries without love"
makes me wonder,
why I chase what doesn't move
while the architect of all
patiently walks behind me
waiting for me to turn around

OpenID scentofmyheart said...

a suitcase filled
for yet another trip... I liked the most this, maybe because I like traveling ...your words certainly make one to travel to lands of beauty!

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OpenID thesavingmomparents said...

That was fantastic...
My favorite stanza was

Idols stress you out.
All that running after,
all that carrying,
all that appetite
for gifts, the little silver
bracelets, gardens,
a suitcase filled
for yet another trip.

Oh, can I ever relate to that one. I am printing and putting on my frig. Thanks ~Jessica

Blogger Claire said...

brock spoke my heart.

"idols stress you out."

the last stanza was the strongest mental image though...


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