Start with Spam, End with a Rosary


They gave me gifts.

It started with crowned Spam, in a lovely box that smelled like soap. (Yes, Mr. Airport Searcher, there IS a story behind that.) Other things followed. Stone, paper, ceramic, wax.

Then, on the final day, one of our team members gave me his rosary. When he pulled it out of his pocket and moved it towards me, I understood immediately what was happening. Before he could get a word out, I burst into tears. This rosary, it was made by his own hands. It was, as he told me later, the most important thing he had that he could give me.

What do you do with jade and chocolate stone beads, a silver cross on a sturdy brown string? What do you do with a line of prayers that have been someone else's? (He told me what each bead had meant to him. There were people, and the Shema, and other things I didn't hear because I was just looking, looking at this thing he'd put into my hands.)

The rosary now sits on my white wooden window sill. I told him yesterday I think it is (was) how he sees, or maybe touches, God. Bead by bead by bead, hoping along the way.

There are days when I think I see and touch God too. And days when I feel the world is nothing, watched by No One.

But now I have a rosary touched by prayers, through which I can hope along the way. It is waiting for new people and maybe a Psalm. It is waiting for me.

Me and My Friend and His Rosary photo, by L.L. Barkat.

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Blogger Megan Willome said...

What an amazing gift!
I made my own rosary back in January, using supplies from Walmart. Most days, it is the only way I can pray.

Blogger Real Live Preacher said...

I say you make up your own prayer journey for the beads, use it, and always be open in case one day you have an impulse to give it away.

Anonymous Cheryl Smith said...

I'm breathless.

Blogger Maureen said...

A large piece of heart goes with that.

Blogger Kathleen Overby said...

Touch transfused and strung through porous prayers, hearts, and stone.

Blogger Laura said...

what a treasure--one that says loads about how we treasure you.

Anonymous Ann Kroeker said...

So personal and private, passing prayer like that, from one pocket to another...one soul to another...

Blogger Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

"... the most important thing he had that he could give me."

These gifts are the best ones.

A few months ago, a woman who had endured much in the last year literally passed me the peace. She pulled a Peace stone from her pocket, gave it to me, and told me to pass the peace to another when the time was right.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment.

Anonymous Sandra Heska King said...

A gift from his heart to yours that touches mine. And we all are touched.


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