One Year Later

I checked the date of my very first Art Pilgrimage post. Tomorrow marks one year.

One year since I began in spite of feeling like an impostor. One year since I bought pastels. Can you believe it?

I hardly can.

And I am not ready to end the journey.

This coming year will be different. The visual arts will still be with me, but I am moving on to the art of dance. It seems fitting that today I went to the library and found books on ballet (and a spicy looking memoir on tango). I also picked up two films, one on Jerome Robbins and one on Martha Graham.

Can I tell you I never foresaw where this Pilgrimage would take me?

I'm in it for at least another year. And who knows where it will take me still...

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Blogger Laura said...

Your willingness to follow the art where it leads makes me swallow hard and take a long look in the mirror.

Is it ok to pray to be brave? Like you?

Blogger Miriam said...

Oh, wonderful! How I love the dance. His blessings on your journey. Praise Him!


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