The Art of Moving

It was a snap decision. I looked up the details on their website, dialed a number, left a message for Connie.

When I told a friend about my intentions, I said I had just decided "yes" last night, after Connie called me back.

But maybe I had been wanting this for a long time. I've been on an Art Pilgrimage and the thought has crossed my mind that sometime this art might need to move to my body. Maybe I would need to learn what it is to be a dancer.

Reading The Artist's Way, I remembered (as Julia asked me to) what I had always wanted to do as a child. I remembered that if life had been different I could have continued the ballet class my grandmother paid for (and I went to only for a short time). I remembered that I have always wanted to feel the air with my fingertips and toes, in just this way.

So I called Connie. And she said, "Come."

I did. Today.

First position. Second. Third. I remembered these. I watched. I tried. For long moments I was completely lost. I know some French, but not the ballet teacher's words that tell me what to do. At some point it occurred to me that, yes, there is a sequence. Everything to the front, now to the side, then to the back. I found little ways in, even as I got lost along the way.

"Move like a queen," she said. "Majestic."

Okay. I will never be a dancer among dancers. But I can pretend, just for a while, to be a queen.

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Blogger Laura said...

You are so brave. Have I mentioned how much you inspire me? To step into the shoes of a dancer...I feel your rhythm already.

You amaze me.

Blogger L.L. Barkat said...

I felt more lost than brave. But I got a few things done. :)

It was nice, because this very quiet woman told me the same thing as she was leaving, "It took courage for you to come here today. You're going to be okay."

And now you, echoing her words.

Well. I'm no ballerina. But I can dream. :)

Blogger Kelly Langner Sauer said...

may I giggle? it's like the best secret...

Blogger Kathleen Overby said...

I want to borrow that, 'you're going to be ok' part. I love your courageous, valiant beauty.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are royalty in many ways, LL. No pretending.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh you are brave! And I am just a little bit jealous. I find other ways to touch the air.

Blogger Sandra Heska King said...

You ARE a queen--husband of a King.

Gracee took ballet last year. The grandmas were asked to participate in the recital. That was interesting--er, fun.

Anonymous Cheryl Smith said...

I love this post and the images it stirs within. A few years ago I was at a Holiday Tea where a ballet troop was invited to perform a preview of the Nutcracker. All the ladies at my table agreed that one day (you know, that infamous "one day") we would all get together in my living room and perform the Nutcracker, though NONE of us had ever taken ballet.

Lately, I've been feeling the urge to dance again. Several weeks ago I was in the parking lot headed back to my car when I did a full out ballet move with arms up and legs out (I have no idea what you call such things, but it felt awesome!), much to the embarrassment of my 14 year old daughter. Since then, I've done the move a few other times, sometimes in parking lots, other times in the living room.

Maybe I'm preparing for that Living Room Nutcracker performance. I'll be sure to include you on the invite list. :)

Blogger S. Etole said...

And your words dance in, with and from you ... always. What gift.


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