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God in the Yard is off to print, and I'm thinking about a companion e-book (maybe something for a dollar, or free downloadable)— a resource that people could use as an individual devotional or group-study help.

This might seem unnecessary, because God in the Yard already involves activity, journaling and small-group discussion possibilities.

But I can see how some people are going to want more opportunities for Scripture juxtapositions. Right now I'm wondering if it would make sense to provide an Old Testament reference, grouped with a Psalm reference and something from the life of Christ. Pairing art and maybe music suggestions might also be cool.

Well, as you can see, I'm totally thinking out loud here. I'm also thinking that though I've asked a wonderful writer and bible study teacher to help me develop this, I'd also like to extend the companion opportunity to you. It wouldn't necessarily require that you read God in the Yard. You could chime in here with thoughts, questions, recommendations. And if I can eventually create something that also includes links, I'd like to link to you if I use your contribution.

Anyway. Would you think with me? Walk with me? Companion together?

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Blogger Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Companioning... yes.

Blogger Laura said...

I am feeling out how reading such an intimate book feels on Kindle...

For the first time, am typing in notes in response to the questions you pose.

I am loving it! Just new to me...the one who scratches in margins, the one who--as julia cameron maintains--feels reading and writing in my body.

I am thinking that going deeper is always good.

Blogger Laura said...

re: the kindle.

I think it is just a different sensory experience that will require getting used to.

the kindle feels slight in my hands, I miss the weight of the book. But I love the portability. I find it easier to snatch moments of reading. However, this has it's drawbacks too...I don't feel as immersed in the book as I would otherwise, I think. I am finding that I am grateful for the brevity of the sections in God in the Yard. I think this is also because I am used to reading shorter essays in electronic print: blogs, news, etc.

It will require discipline to get used to it. Like one who is used to sleeping in soft flannel who is experiencing the luxury of silk for the firs time.

I am enjoying God in the Yard tremendously.

Blogger Solveig said...

I feel I need to say that although I'm overwhelmed and cutting back in many ways, this sounds wonderful. I encourage you to move forward with it if at all reasonable/possible.

Anonymous Monica Sharman said...

WHAT do you MEAN it doesn't require that I read God in the Yard?! Of COURSE, I MUST read God in the Yard!!

(I'm not a Kindle owner, though...)

Oh, how God blesses through you. :)


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