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When I started this Art Pilgrimage, I didn't have any rationale I understood. It was just for the fun of it.

And that is why I am reading things like this enormous book on Art History. I can't give you a single good reason for it. I have no plans to be a curator, an art historian, an art history teacher.

When do we stop doing things just for the fun of it? When do we begin doing everything in life for "a reason"?

I don't know. But I'm done with that. I really am.

But here's the strange thing. There have been "outcomes" connected to my pilgrimage. Ones I didn't foresee. Ones that go past amorphous (and wonderful) happenings like personal satisfaction and spiritual awakening.

In a convoluted path that would take too much room to explain, the Pilgrimage led to a poetry book. Then someone wanted to buy one of the art pieces I posted here (I gave it away... why not? :) And, most recently, another piece was chosen for an art show in Germany. Um, what?

I am not saying all this to try to impress you (we have a different kind of relationship than that, I hope). I am saying all this to give you a nudge. Are there things you've been wanting to do "just because"? Do they seem frivolous, out-of-place, hard to justify or explain?

All the better. These are deep places. Why not... jump in.

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Blogger Laura said...

Germany? Really? Aren't those little surprises just the icing on the cake? Just for fun. I could use a little of that.

Blogger Erin said...

Well said, my fun friend.

I often wonder if God scratches his head over all the responsibility we take on in this world. "I made this for us to enjoy. I can handle the daily running of this planet, now go out there and play a little bit!"

Blogger deb said...

Oh this just makes me smile.
You are right , so right.
We never know.

Can I share with you that I've officially retired from my little Green Acres gig. I want to go into change, into spiritual growth. Something had to get out of the way.

love to you , LL. congratulations, and I'm sure there will be more yet.

Anonymous cheri said...

i have reasons upon reasons for doing things. really good ones, too. slowly, i'm realizing what trouble it has caused me - like the pain of stuffing down my artist gifts for so long. for no good reason! hahaha

thanks for another nudge.


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