After The Dressing Room

Yesterday I was happy with my body.

Today, not so much.

Shopping for ballet leggings can do that to a person. Suddenly the shape of my legs was made real by black cotton, running from ankle to thigh and onward, hugging all the way.

Tomorrow I am going to try to be happy with my body again. Or maybe even this afternoon, if I find it in me. I think it will come to this: remembering there is art in this body, art that wants to reach through my fingertips, touch the ceiling.

I should have known that an art pilgrimage would go all the way. Ask me to love everything about me, on my way to loving the world.

Let me begin with my feet then. I like the way they curve when I point my toes. I won't try to love more than this for today. Just my feet. And the way they curve.

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Anonymous Brad moore said...

Believe it or not, I took a modern dance class in college w/ some friends. It was amazing. Not that I was any good at it...

Blogger Kelly Langner Sauer said...

and how did YOU look in the leggings, Brad?


Blogger L.L. Barkat said...

lol, Kelly.

Brad, I think that is so cool. :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am comfortable in my body. Maybe not in love with it, and I know it's far from perfect, but I really do feel comfortable in my own skin. I thank my husband for that. And not wearing leggings. ;)

Anonymous Cheryl Smith said...

Pictures Brad. We want pictures.


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