Sermon Notes Poetry: Philippians

Catching up on posting these. Two weeks worth of sermon notes poetry for the price of one. At the church I attend, we have outside speakers come twice a month. It gives us a more rounded perspective from the pulpit. My daughter and I were marveling that some speakers inspire better poetry (in my case) and sketches (in her case) than others.

Philippians 1:15-29


We are the true
progressives, marching
students into sanctified
lines; I can show you
charts that flower
white like paper

"Bring them"

to Jesus, the one
who rises beyond
suicide bombs,
resurrects breath
from vacuum
of atomic cries.

Philippians 4:4-13

"By Order"

Don't worry that you can't reach the top shelf,
you know what's up there, don't you?
Practice the prayer of thanksgiving,
and a piece of God will tumble down.


When you lift your minds,
do it with books, art, the Yankee game—
you could build a tower all the way
to heaven, but I suspect you'll find God
far before you reach the top floor.

"Paul's Brag"

I went searching for the Ark
but shipwrecked along the way.
Don't say you couldn't do it too;
it's a matter of Christ calling
to the Christ in you. Even cows
returned the covenantal box*
when an empty, bell-fringed tent
murmured them home.

*see 1 Samuel 6

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Blogger Susan Deborah said...

I wonder if the whole Bible could be written like this by you (leaving Psalm, Song of Solomon, Ecclesiastics and Proverbs)

Joy always,

Blogger Maureen said...

Susan Deborah has a wonderful idea! And you could do a call for art for the collection, as Patti Digh does, and have artists register to receive a randomly assigned poem to illustrate.

Your "By Order", which I especially like, reminds me of the lovely tiny poems in "Love Poems from God". I also like "charts that flower /while like paper/ columbines".

Blogger Marcus Goodyear said...

I like "proof"--because I want my quarterly report charts to blossom like columbines!

Blogger Bob said...

I love the bell-fringed tent calling the cows home. Absolutely perfect, that one. Thanks.

Blogger Madame Rubies said...

Oh... the top shelf. wow. I needed that today. I don't understand what it is about that poem that got me, but something in it reached deep inside me.


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