Only When I Dance

I watched him dance the dance of a story— a true story of a man whose dance danced him, rather than the other way 'round. It was breathtaking.

And I wondered why it has taken me this long to experience the language of dance. Such language gives shivers, sends us inside ourselves and out again.

You can find the dance that made me wonder where I've been without this language, tucked in the middle of this documentary, but only if you get the film. Unfortunately, it's not in the trailer...

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Blogger Maureen said...

I won't betray what I know about what's become of him. Suffice to say, he has great gifts and not only in classical ballet but in contemporary dance also (maybe more so), and, with maturity, he has the potential to become a powerhouse. His strength, confidence, articulation, and command of the stage are remarkable, given the age he began to study dance. And what he especially has is passion. Many dancers do it all technically correctly and yet have no fire. That cannot, I think, be said of him.

I'm also impressed by both dancers' parents. To be poor and be willing to be made poorer because of a child's dream says so much.

Thanks for this.

Blogger Anne Lang Bundy said...

My own dance story brought me to a place, at 45 years old, where I finally had the opportunity to dance for the first time. Within days I realized I had to choose between dance ministry and jail ministry, to schedule dance practice for me or martial arts and violin classes for my children. There was little to decide.

I consoled myself with the thought that I would ask the Lord to one day put me on Heaven's dance team. He allowed me to dance the following year. It was more difficult than I anticipated, not because of my age but because of my memory. A brain filled with five children and husband and home and publishing had little room to remember dance steps. The newest member of the team, I feared dragging others down and plunged in with all the greater determination.

The single night of our presentation is a memory to carry me all the way to Heaven. I think that once there my feet shall not touch the ground. And there, I will be able to see the face of my audience of One. It is a thought that transports me through the difficult hours of Earth.

I am grateful for this post, and video, which reminds me tonight of such thoughts. Thank you, Laura.


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