Sermon Notes Poetry: Psalm 47

I didn't write much this time. Three poems. Two worth sharing. Here they are. An odd kind of sermon notes...

Psalm 47

All nations
see you rain on the mountains,
the rivers filled with
children of Israel,
Egypt, Babylon.
Fathers called Abraham
and not called Abraham, clamor,
and the rocks cry out
as the nations trek white-robed, palm-fisted
to the crown of the mountain
where our mothers promised
to meet us.


Go leaf-keeping
this week,
turn Autumn
on end.
See if you don't
find God
right there, rough-cool
between your fingers,

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love "Revelations." Perfect for an autumn morning.

Blogger Megan Willome said...

I am partial to your "Psalm 47," because of the last line.

Anonymous HisFireFly said...

As we traveled last week, and relished the glory He surrounded us with I could not fathom how people can not see Him in all that He has created.

May more "Revelation" fall upon those who have blinded eyes, that they would see beauty as you do.. and call it by His name.

Blogger Maureen said...

"Revelations" is lovely, like a promise kept.


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