Water plays at my edges, laps, beckons. I am free. I am really free.

Wind nudges from the side, the back, sets me rocking, floating under a blue sky. I feel at ease. The sun melts my cares away.

Still, there is just now need for anchor. A place set in time, in space. A particular sandbar I want to explore. Where I'll leave my mark no matter how temporary— by building sand castles, digging trenches, setting a leaf flag to fly on a stick. And it will leave its mark on me, as I gather wet sand and pile it on my legs, my arms, to slough off even more cares of the day.

Will you, will you be my Anchor, Dear One? Enable me to play, even as I drift around the point, the weight, the center that is You? Will you, will you be my Anchor?

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Blogger Erin said...

"And it will leave its mark on me..."

That hits me deep down in my soul. So much of what I do seems permanent... and is vanity. So much of what is done to me seems fleeting... and is eternal.

Blogger Joelle said...

Erin and L.L., that phrase caught me, too. Just last week read the last part of Hebrews 11, about God shaking things again (as He did at Mt. Sinai). Feel shaken now. Hope all that is falling in the earthquake is false self. That there is somewhere in me a center, an anchor point that remains permanent and strong--something of the Kingdom. I read those verses as promise that Eternal, the true self parts of me, will hold firm, after all the wind and storm that rids me of the extraneous....

Blogger Laurie A. said...

i miss-read your words at first as

Wind nudges from the 'in'-side.

how fragrant this prayer, l.l.

supplication that confesses your truth with an approachable innocence and can do nothing but ask in like manner.

the view of Abba from wherever you were/are even still ... it was/is beautiful and safe.


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