Take Me

I sit on the side porch, in shadow,
upright and stiff on a metal folding chair
(my rocker banished to the garage because
of last week's party).

And the breeze insists on playing with
my hair. Tendrils untuck, dance on moving
air. I watch the pine branches dip and sway,
note the passing of a white butterfly,

like paper riding the wind, flipping,
fluttering into the distance. My heart feels
tired, even as the catbird soars, sails.
A tightness within pleads for release

Take me, God of the breeze.
Take me over the tree tops, into the
green. Unwind, uncoil. Take me. I am
two folded wings, waiting for a stirring of air.



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Blogger SuzyQ said...

Beautiful abandonment.
So simple, so difficult yet so nessecary.
Peace to you.


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