You know what father meant to me in the growing-up years...cheat, shout, abandon, coerce, take, humiliate.

You know. And yet You have the pluck to ask me this...Call me. Call me Father. Father who art in heaven.

Tell me, teach me, show me, deep down in the wounded places. What is father, God? With Your sweet hand, brush past my lips, my heart. Open what has long been shut.

The sound of my voice, the thrum of trust that calls You Father, Father, Father.

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Blogger Sharon said...

This touched me on a very deep level L.L.Beautiful and heartfelt.Thank you.Blessings~Sharon

Blogger SuzyQ said...

The word father, has had the same connotations for me too. For a long time I saw a divided God, I saw Jesus who was my kind, gentle friend and counselor and God the father, somebody to be feared, an authority figure, who was forever critical.
I see God so differently now.
I know that I am loved beyond measure. I do believe that Jesus led me toward God the father and showed me not to be afraid, to except His embrace without fear.
The Lord's prayer for me is a symbol of his guiding all people to their true father in heaven.
I am so grateful that God could heal those wounds.
So that He can not only be my father, but also my mother, my friend, my teacher ,my lover, my healer, my all.

Blogger nannykim said...

hmm, I just happened to listen to a sermon online from Mars Hill church in seattle. He mentioned that Jesus was first in the Bible to address God in prayer as Father. He also mentioned how many have a hard time in using this name because of their experience with their own fathers. But he said when we have fathers that failed us we need to realize that God is a perfect Father that shows the imperfections of our own fathers. It shows how far fatherhood can be distorted by so many, doesn't it. I find it is a privilege and great comfort to know that I can call God Father.

Blogger Nabeel said...

hmm, that's sad that you had a father like that. Thank God, I have a very nice father and mom as well, sweet mom. Here in America, having bad parents is the story of everyone's life. It sucks.


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