Black Mama God

What can I say, Lord? I see you everywhere. Why, just yesterday, you met me in the library. What a vision you were. It wasn't really you, of course, I know that. And yet...

A big-hipped woman, dark and lovely of skin like the Shulamite. Fleshy, abundant. Smiling. White teeth, thick and strong, made a showing between full, pomegranate lipsticked lips. Smiling. Printing my list of fines. A long list, I admit. Too many forgotten moments when renewals slipped past my vigilance. Smiling. "You're forgave."

My daughter looking up at me. "What? What does she mean?"

"I'm forgiven. See all this? A long list of fines. She let me go. Let me off."

I'm forgave. Forgiven. And you reminded me of this, my black mama God, smiling through some woman in the library. Some woman who printed the long list of my neglect. Printed what I owed. Then threw it all away.

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Blogger Sara said...

I'm loving this new blog...what a great post. Keep 'em coming :)

Blogger Charleybrown said...

I love to read your entries...wish I could be as expressive...

Wondering what kind of library you have since mine is not that forgiving...you are truly blessed then!

Blogger Nikki (and sometimes Daniel) said...

A lovely reminder of the greatest forgiveness. That's something I need often. Thank you.


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