Drench Me

Sometimes it is not enough. The silent coexistence of You and I. Trusting the familiar, the past, the little water marks of Your glass upon my table. Sometimes I am like the world I saw tonight. Empty branches reaching heavenward. A blank sky.

And I need you. To drench me.

Drench me like the mist that played upon my face, as I ran into the night. Encase me in silvery brightness. Let the slick run of your holiness touch every curve and point. My God, my Lovely One, drench me.



Blogger Heart of Wisdom said...

Beautiful. I need the rain daily. Sometimes I feel like the dry ground--cracked and broken-- so dry the rain rolls off, it takes hours before it begins to soak in.

THis is my first visit here. I look forward to browsing. My blog has a Hebrew Heritage section if you are interested.

I have added you to my Spiritual Sunday meme at http://heartofwisdom.com/blog (posted tomorrow).

Thank you.


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