Wild One

You are no shy Lover today. Tossing the maples, the grand old pine, like they were a scarf in Your hand, in some Bolero dance. You rush to the tops of the trees, shake them strong, say, "Look, just look at Me!"

The sun is a brilliant fire surging from Your fingertips, passion sparked, laughing, "Look, just look at Me!"

The snow is everywhere shining. Blinding. So slippery I can barely stand in your Presence. And yet I hear you crying, "Look, just look at Me!"

With slow steps, I take my sled and settle in to the side of this little woods, to watch You dance.

You are no shy Lover today. And I am looking, laughing! Admiring You, my Wild One. Shining, flipping your scarf to the wind.

Glory. Wild glory.

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Blogger Miriam said...

Just lighting a candle here... this moves me more that I can say. I love the imagery. I like to express worship to God in dance, and I never thought of Him like this, initiating the dance over and through creation.

L.L., thank you for sharing your intimate conceptualizations of God. Your words help expand my view of Him... that is such a gift and I'm so grateful. *warm smile*

Blogger Eve said...

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who sees Him this way. *smile*

Blogger nannykim said...

love your poems--keep writing and posting---Please!!!


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