The sky is indigo blue. Deep. Velvet. The air, a cold slap upon my face. Still, I run into the night.

Everywhere, things are bent, fallen.

The snow family in their airy globe... mama, papa, junior... are bent to grass that's stiff with ice. Fir trees tossed on sidewalks, bare of garland and crystal, languish in the biting air. A Santa holds his gut, doubled over, face angled down. And the snowman and snowwoman in their blue snow world are fainting towards the ground.

Everywhere, things are bent, fallen.

Hidden beneath two woolen hats, I run. My neck behind zips and snaps. My blue sweats blend with the night. And my muscles push against the cold that burns. Your Glory blazes, sharp. A strong embrace. A dare.

I wonder... should I, dare I? Then I raise my eyes and catch my breath, at the sheer, icy glory... of You.



Blogger nannykim said...

Nice--expresses how I feel.


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