Oh, Lord, thy lap is wide

and I a little child. Take me

to thy knee, to thy side.

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Blogger andrew mills said...

Thank you for this beautiful poem. I used to have a lot of trouble with the idea of God as "dad". Maybe it's the feminist in me, I don't know. But since I've become a dad myself, I can finally understand why God chooses that as one of the ways to describe Himself. Your poem really captures this.

Thanks also for stopping by my little site. I have moved to wordpress. So, the address is now http://andrewbmills23.wordpress.com/. I appreciate your comments. It's nice to hear good feedback from a real live writer.

In Christ,
-Andrew Mills

Blogger Joelle said...

I am tired tonight. A wide lap on which to rest sounds lovely. My lullaby this evening.


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