Golden Ceiling

We climb high— past sheer, chalky white rocks— brush by wild fennel and what look like dandelions on dianthus stems. The air is dry, feels thin as we ascend. Up and up and up, above the city and the blue, blue sea.

Sun is pure and hot, blazes, reflects from golden steeple that guides us ever upward. If heaven is somewhere, maybe it is here.

Hushed, we pass over an old wooden drawbridge, into the coolness of marble, red and ivory. Into the artistic order of fine mosaic on floor and wall and ceiling. Golden light from windows drifts silken over gold laid long ago, overhead— intricate worship of You, the finest Gold given to our poor hearts.

Finest gold that leaves us without words, mouths open, awed... tasting anise sweet, strong, wild.

Golden Ceiling in Marseilles' Notre Dame, by L.L. Barkat.

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Blogger preacherman said...

Wonderful post.
I enjoyed it.
Keep up the great work you do with your blog.

Blogger Joelle said...

"leaves us without words" ... me too


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