Talking Back: Playing Towards God

Rosary book and pastels

As you know, I'm going through God in the Yard. This week I finished Chapter One.

The author said I could pick an idea that was new to me, and blog about it. I chose the idea of playing towards God.

Too often, I think we work towards God— try to orchestrate every last thing, try to be productive, make a "profit," prove the business of our souls.

Playing feels different. It is a trusting thing which says, "Let's see what comes." It is (perhaps) more prone to rhythms, shifts, songs, images.

For me, the rosary is going to be a new way to play towards God this year. I don't know what I'll find along the beads, but this week I found my pastels again, after many, many months...

The Rosary

The mysteries—the subjects of contemplation that one moves through as one prays each subdivision of beads—are related aspects of Christ's life: five glad events, five sad events, five teaching events, and five glorious events.

— p.xiii, The Rosary by Garry Wills.

Rosary Pastel 1

Rosary Pastel 2

Rosary Pastel 3

Rosary Pastel 4

Rosary Pastel 5

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Blogger Kelly Sauer said...

oh wonderful - the movement of the light through those photos...

Blogger Megan Willome said...

Well, I did the free sample of "God in the Yard" on my Kindle last night. The idea of play intrigues me. I suck at playing.

Blogger L.L. Barkat said...

Kelly, thanks. I love the part where I move the light around and photograph the pastels.

Megan, you make me smile. :) I think that's why I landed on the idea of play. I'm no good at it either. And the question is... why. And I feel like there's something really important about learning to play, even towards (maybe especially towards) God.

Blogger Kathleen Overby said...


Blogger Stephie Goldfish said...

I love how the light 'plays' too! Thanks L.L. These pastels are very impressionistic, and I'm sure more vivid up close. And you gave me an idea to get out my pastels. P.S. I never knew about the rosary beads.

Blogger Melissa Campbell said...

Love the way you photographed your poema. It comes to life in the light. Beautiful!

Blogger Maureen said...

When I hear the words God and play together, I think of that little poem of Tukaram's: "If God would stop telling jokes, / I might / act serious." Tukaram was playful, one who would dance in the streets and sing his poems aloud. Thinking of him doing that, I also think of the ending of that Indian movie (whose name I forget) where everyone starts dancing in the train station or that YouTube video where a man gets on a subway in Paris and starts laughing, and eventually others start to do the same.

Blogger David Rupert said...

Okay. Got a copy of God in the Yard for Christmas (my confession that I haven't read it yet).

Starting tonight. So this will be a refreshing series you are doing while I am reading for the first time while you are reading for the 100th

Anonymous Cheryl Smith said...

The author? I've met in person - so spectacuar! You'll love the book. :)

Blogger S. Etole said...

so glad the pastels are back ...

Blogger Krista said...

I love your rosary! the one without Jesus still on the cross. My cousins are catholic but I have never quite learned about the rosary. I like your journey to use it in its most significant way.

it will be fun to read through this book with you. I will enjoy the "double vision" of reading it along with your commentary. Looking forward to the journey.


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