After the Rain

I come to the little woods today, and it is fresh, alive! The ivy, which only yesterday looked so tired from pushing against winter's hand, is gleaming a deep emerald. Like satin, it shines.

And I think it is like a ballroom floor, unruly but absolutely stunning in its texture. Shall we, my Love, shall we dance across the leaves, hand in hand? Across the leaves you have drenched... beneath a million crystal droplets hanging from the pine?

Come, let us dance.

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Blogger nannykim said...

I love the way the Lord and His creation often make us feel like dancing!! Hey go to my post for today--the 12th--I have some pictures of a few of the awesome trees I see when I go on my walk!! I think you will love them.

Blogger girlwithmoxy said...

beautiful post! thanks for the poetry!

Blogger HighCallingBlogs.com said...

This is such risky stuff, as is all love writing. Very Song of Songs. Thank you.

Gordon Atkinson - real live preacher


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