Street Corner Writer

Thank You for this, just when I was feeling foolish as a writer. Just when I was having a hard time of it, feeling misunderstood. Sometimes writing about You is no fun. People think... well, they doubt my intellect, You know?

Thank You for reminding me what it is to be a street corner writer. What it is to be truly wise.

Give me a dress of silver and gold. A dress and a megaphone. Let me sashay right through traffic, ignoring the beeps and the jeers. Let me speak through the smog. Send a breeze to ruffle my hair, let the curls shine. Shine like the words You give me in my dreams, in quiet places. The words you give me to take like jewels...

...to the street corner.

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Blogger Erin said...

I will now envision you sitting on a sled in your secret spot with a gold and silver dress and a megaphone.

Yelling to your neighbors over the back fence perhaps?

This was a lovely mental foray- it made me burst with laughter (the megaphone and formal attire), then settle into a contented sigh and a smile.

Blogger nannykim said...

I heard a sermon this week on I Timothy 1: 15-"The saying is trustworth and deserving of full acceptance, that Chirst Jesus came into the world to save sinners of whom I am the foremost. 16 But I received mercy for this reason, that in me, as the foremost, Jesus Chirst might display his perfect patience as an example to those who were to beleive in him for etenal life."--I love the fact that all of us are displays of his perfect patience!! We display the fact that we are not worthy, not good, but that He is infinetly patient. We are displaying that fact---the fact that He is patient! Not sure this has anything to do with what you were just saying!! For some reason it just made me think more on this.

Blogger Christine said...



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