Route 9 and Chadeayne Road

On route 9, at sixty miles per hour, my Eldest made the observation that some buildings invite us to be silent. Like the ones in Washington D.C. or old churches, she said. Why is that?

I could not give her adequate answer. Is it because we feel small in those places? Or because beauty demands a hush?

I could not say, but when I walked into the night on Chadeayne Road two days later, and the Big Dipper was pouring out its loveliness, and the arrow of Orion was pointing across the vast and sparkling night, then I just knew she was on to something.

Night's cathedral stilled my soul, and I was silenced. Silenced and small. Overcome with awe of You.



Blogger nannykim said...

I feel that way too--sometimes, when I enter our church---especially at times when I am in there alone---my heart soars in worship and I feel overwhelmed with praise and yet I express it in awe-filled silence.

Blogger Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Yep, awe is the word I came up with too.

Blogger achadeayne said...

I was wondering if this is Chadeayne Rd in New York.

Blogger L.L. Barkat said...

The very same.

I wonder if there are many Chadeayne roads in the world, as well as in New York. : )


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